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Lots of Gratitude

Wednesday, March 21, was our official ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of Marin Mobile Care The Showers. Things have been getting better and better every day at The Showers. We are ready and able to handle anything that comes our way thanks to our incredible staff and volunteers.

This ceremony has caused us all to reflect on the incredible journey we have been on so far. Marin Mobile Care would not be the program it is today without the wonderful support of our donors, our volunteers and our community. We would like to dedicate this post to all of you.

Gratitude one gift at a time

Thank you to the Marin County Council of Mayors and Councilmembers for funding our pilot program and continuing the conversations around supporting us throughout the County.

Thank you to Marin Community Foundation for offering financial support to purchase the units and start-up supplies. We couldn’t have done this without you.

Thank you to the cities of San Rafael and Novato for partnering with us and supporting the piloting of Marin Mobile Care in your communities.

Thank you to Larkspur, Corte Madera, Sausalito, Fairfax and Marin City for starting conversations about serving showers in your communities too.

Thank you to EO Products for donating all of the shampoo, soap and conditioner that our hearts could desire. And that is an ongoing donation. Huge gratitude!

Thanks to The Quest for your generous donation to get us rolling!

Thank you to the Marriot Courtyard for supplying us with many towels, a critical component of any shower program. You should see the smiles when someone is handed a clean towel!


Supply cabinet

Thank you to Children 4 Change for assembling and donating hygiene kits that we are able to give each one of our participants. We love that the kids are engaged with us!

Thank you to our volunteers who have not only come to The Showers every morning, but have also donated socks, underwear, jackets, and much more! Thank you Marilyn for setting up the sock drive through your gym. Thank you Carol for donating underwear and socks. Thank you Cynthia for donating clean clothes for our guests, especially since it has been pouring rain and their jackets are soaked. Thank you to Jean, our razor and comb fairy. The look on our participants’ faces when they can shave and brush their hair is incredible. Thank you to the many who have donated towels, undergarments, and feminine hygiene products!

We didn’t create this program with the snap of our fingers. Andrew Hening, Director of Homeless Planning and Outreach for San Rafael was our guiding light. Organizing, negotiating, persuading, raising money, and getting buy-in. He listens, he strategizes and he held our working group together for over 18 months. Thank you Andrew. Our working group: Carrie Sager, Thomas Brennan, Diane Doubleday, Bill Walker, Bill Burrell, Karen Strolia and Paula Doubleday. Kudos to all of you for your advice and tenacity to bring this program to fruition.

We needed to take this moment to share our gratitude and appreciation as we have watched our community come together in supporting our unsheltered neighbors.

Want to Help?

Looking for a way to help our guests have the best mobile shower experience Marin Mobile Care can offer?  Socks are the number one need for individuals experiencing homelessness. In addition, donations of undergarments for both men and women, including underwear, undershirts, and bras, as well as feminine hygiene products are greatly appreciated. We have set up a GOODdler account to make these donations easier.